Significant advances in medicine have helped us to lead longer and healthier lives, yet most medicines continue to be produced in a solid form that can be difficult to swallow.

Whatever your reason for seeking liquid medication, at Rosemont Pharmaceuticals we create liquid medicines for anyone that has difficulty swallowing tablets.

  • Product Description

    Medical studies have shown that liquid extracts have faster absorption rates; higher optimization rates and is more easily digestible. Liquids may have a big advantage over pills when it comes to swallowing.

    Most people, especially the elderly and young children, tend to have more difficulty swallowing some pills. Generally, supplements in liquid form are much more readily broken down and absorbed. Additionally, it has been shown that liquids are more completely and quickly absorbed than most capsules and pills.

  • Guidelines

    Make sure you can read and understand the name of the medicine as well as the directions on the container and on the color-coded warning stickers on the bottle. If the label is hard to read, ask your pharmacist to use larger type.

    Check that you can open the container. If not, ask the pharmacist to put your medicines in bottles that are easier to open.

  • Clinical Research

    The body uses 98% of our liquid extracts.
    Pepsin is often used as a replacement enzyme for those with pancreatic insufficiency. Stimulation of the pancreas and therefore enzymatic digestion of food is a tightly controlled and is a hormonally mediated process.

  • Availability

    SYSFER: Achieves 52% higher absorption rate than ferrous sulphate 2
    Provide excellent safety and tolerability 2
    Indication: Pregnancy, Iron Deficiency Anemia
    SYSCAL: Calcium magnesium synergy ensures optimum utilization of calcium and improves foetal growth.
    Decreases the risk of Developing hypertensive disorders & pregnancy induced hypertension.
    Indication: Pregnancy, Lactation, Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
    ZYMIT: Natural pro-digestive enzyme, used in disturbances of GI function and prevention of malabsorption of food.
    A proteolytic enzyme which breaks down proteins & Peptides into similar molecules.
    Indication: Indigestion, pancreatic insufficiency, Dyspepsia
    Vinmore: Vitamins & minerals are essential for maintaining Normal Metabolic of the body also helps in preventing many degenerative diseases & Enhances immunity
    Indication: Maintains Positive Nitrogen balance, Boost up immune System,, Strengthens nervous system, Enhances hemoglobin Levels